The rules are very simple. You can ride any bike you'd like, but no suspension of any form is allowed, you have to ride minimum 35c / 1.4" volume tyres, and drop handlebars are mandatory. Any conventional frame style or material is allowed, and all wheel sizes are welcome. No tandems or recumbents.

You'll need to carry powerful front and rear lights, a minimum of two litres of water, basic safety equipment, and important tools. Helmets compulsory. 

So, to clarify...

  • This is a race for gravel / cyclocross style bicycles
  • Yes, you can ride a 26", 27.5" or 29" mountain bike fitted with a rigid fork and drop handlebars
  • No, you can't just promise to leave your front and rear suspension on lockout
  • Yes, you can ride flared 'dirt drops', but the minimum centre-to-centre drop has to be at least 100mm
  • No, you can't run your mountain bike shifters on your drop handlebars
  • Yes, you can run down-tube shifters, bar-end shifters, etc.
  • No, you can't ride your road bike if it can't fit the minimum of 35c tyres
  • Yes, you can ride your old steel touring bike, provided you can fit 35c / 1.4" or larger volume tyres
  • No suspension seatposts, no Lauf forks, or any suspension alternatives offering more than 20mm of travel
  • Dampening systems offering a maximum of 20mm of travel, like Specialized's Future Shock, are allowed